Health and Safety

Ballycommon is committed to promoting an effective health and safety message and to providing a high quality and safe service at all times. We ensure that the highest standards in Health, Safety and Welfare for all our employees is achieved.

Ballycommon develops a culture in which every employee is involved in creating a safe working environment for themselves and others, and we work on the principle that all accidents, injuries and occupational ill health are preventable. This is supported by the management team who will work to ensure that:

  • Incidents of personal injury and occupational illness are minimalised.
  • All tasks are reviewed to identify hazards, assess risks and implement effective control measures and ensure that a safe system of work is always used.
  • All relevant legislation, Railway Industry Standards and other mandatory requirements are fully complied with.
  • Staff refusing to work on the grounds of Health and Safety are supported.
  • Adequate, competent supervision is provided to enable all employees and sub-contractors to comply with their responsibilities.
  • Sufficient training and monitoring is provided to ensure the competence of all staff.
  • Sufficient resources are made available to ensure health, safety and welfare provision are adequately delivered.
  • Communication and consultation takes place with all employees regarding health, safety and welfare issues and that safe working practices are actively promoted.
  • All employees will embrace the Network Rail Life Saving Rules.
  • Commitment to the provision and maintenance of safe premises, tools, plant and equipment.
  • All employees are issued with Personal Protective Equipment necessary for the duties they are carrying out.